10 players with the best fashion sense at EURO 2020

10 players with the best fashion sense at EURO 2020

Besides the top-notch performances on the pitch, the unique fashion style with stylish “wings” also creates the attraction of the players – the main characters of the football festival. Kick EURO 2020.

Previously, Alishirts introduced the top coaches with the most gentlemanly fashion sense; this article will list the ten best-dressed players at EURO 2020.


Portugal team at EURO 2020

10 players with the best fashion sense at EURO 2020

The severe style of competition and practice has probably made many people forget the nickname “Rooth” that Vietnamese graves gave Cristiano Ronaldo because of his grooming and stylish fashion sense. The youthful shine of the Portuguese legend.

The current CR7 is no longer as “stylized” as before. Still, he always ensures himself the most sophisticated and trendy look every time he appears on the pitch, thanks to his refined fashion sense…


England team at EURO 2020

10 players with the best fashion sense at EURO 2020

Besides leading in the number of goals at EURO 2020, it can be said that Raheem Sterling is also ranked 1st in the England team in terms of clothing. The striker playing for Man City always brings a transformation in his fashion picture, with diverse styles, from streetwear outfits to bright casual mixes or even sartorial styles. With well-tailored suits.

Besides, although he always shows his stylish fashion sense by keeping up with modern fashion trends with stylish items from fashion houses like Louis Vuitton or Gucci… However, Sterling always knows how. Restrained with the choice of items and colors, helping his outfits not be overdone, and always maintaining harmony.


Germany team at EURO 2020

10 players with the best fashion sense at EURO 2020

Gundogan’s fashion sense is similar to his playing style, simple, effective, and he always knows how to make himself stand out when needed. The outfits of the Turkish-born midfielder are often bold colors of a genuine European gentleman when built on the classic beauty of classic menswear, clearly expressed through neutral tones such as:: brown, beige, charcoal gray, wine red… accented in harmony with the breath of modern fashion.


The Dutch team at EURO 2020

10 players with the best fashion sense at EURO 2020

Always known as a player full of personality, Memphis Depay often chooses items with outstanding designs and colorful colors when appearing in public. With images associated with colorful outfits and luxury brands such as Christian Louboutin, OFF-WHITE, Fear of God, Versace … the owner of the Netherlands team at EURO 2020, is always considered one of the outstanding hypebeasts of the football world.


Poland team at EURO 2020

Robert Lewandowski’s clothing style perfectly balances elegance and youthful dynamism, typical of bright casual style. The Polish striker’s outfit style is similar to how he scores goals: simple, effective, classy without being too fussy.

Dark sweater, trench coat, essential jacket, khaki pants with boots or sneakers… that’s enough to create elegant and sophisticated outfits of “Lewan-goal-ski.”


France team at EURO 2020

Besides a collection of “massive” hairstyles, the outstanding fashion style is also an essential factor to help create the polished and polished image of Paul Pogba. Just like his style of play, there doesn’t seem to be any limit to Paul Pogba’s taste in clothing, as the player often brings unique outfits with colorful color schemes and a full mix and match. Alternative.

Usually associated with sporty style from the Adidas brand. However, the super midfielder of Luc Lang has always shown his connoisseurship with extremely hype items from Supreme, A Bathing Ape, Louis Vuitton, OFF- WHITE…


Germany team at EURO 2020

If you’re observant, fans who have been following Gnabry for a while on social media will notice a significant change in the star’s style playing for Bayern Munich. Once associated with the typical modern, sporty style of the players, recently Gnabry has regularly worn Hawaiian shirts or oversize Cuban shirts and bucket hats, thereby bringing a breath of fashion. The 90s into her dressing style.


France team at EURO 2020

Ignoring a forgettable EURO 2020, Kylian Mbappe is still considered a golden boy in terms of both expertise and style of the football world. Kylian Mbappe’s daily outfits are often mixed and matched from Nike’s sporty items, combined with extremely “hype” sneaker shoes. A simple formula but very flattering and affirming his dynamic personality, stylish dress, and star class.


Germany team at EURO 2020

Although he cannot match the other names on this list in terms of reputation and does not play at EURO 2020, Kevin Trapp always scores points every time he appears on the pitch thanks to his sophisticated fashion sense. And his arrogance.

Kevin Trapp’s costumes are usually quite simple but very harmonious and are mixed from everyday items of men such as trench coats, casual leather boots, turtleneck sweaters, sneakers… Besides Lewandowski, Kevin Trapp’s fashion style also provides valuable inspiration for those pursuing smart-casual type.


Austria team at EURO 2020

Let’s end this list with David Alaba – a true fashion icon of the football village. As a reasonably secretive player in the media, however, if you visit the Instagram page of the Austrian star at EURO 2020, you will probably be surprised by the unique fashion style and not inferior to a fashionista. What authentic.

David Alaba’s dressing style is highly diverse, with many different types, from layering, minimalism to sporty. However, no matter what kind, Alaba’s fashion personality is always clearly shown through the breakthroughs and how this guy “plays” with the tones and shapes.