Chow Chow Christmas Gift Acrylic Ornament

Chow Chow Christmas Gift Acrylic Ornament

Chow Chow Christmas Gift Acrylic Ornament


Chow Chow Christmas Gift Acrylic Ornament
Chow Chow Christmas Gift Acrylic Ornament

The trying out was completed the usage of a 50-gallon transportable unit. A truck operator would pump gasoline into the barrel except the truck meter registered 50 gallons. A tool on the barrel would measure the actual volume of the gas inside then the gas became pumped returned into the truck. State legislation allowed for a tolerance of plus or minus 1 cubic inch per gallon.

testing became to continue during the week.

Conductor retires

At 6:fifty one p.M. Sept. 30, Fred A. Thomas pulled into fort Wayne for the remaining time as a conductor on the Chicago-fortress Wayne Broadway confined run of Pennsylvania Railroad. Amongst passengers on the instruct became his 10-month-ancient granddaughter, Karen Sue Thomas, who was taking her first teach ride.

A delegation turned into waiting for the senior Thomas in fort Wayne. Amongst them was his brother, Frank Thomas, who had retired from the railroad in 1944 after more than fifty one years. Fred Thomas Jr., a conductor with pretty much 10 years’ event, became additionally current.

The railroad offered the retiring Thomas with a unique pin commemorating 50 years of carrier. He had come to fortress Wayne as a freight brakeman Sept. 29, 1899, turned into appointed a freight conductor in 1907, and was promoted to passenger conductor in 1923.

When asked what he become going to do with his retirement, Thomas grinned and talked about he turned into going to take things handy for ages.

Recruiter hangs up uniform

native military recruiter grasp Sgt. Clarence Tyree retired at the end of September 1949 after 30 years of provider including a stint as an infantry rifleman guarding the Trans-Siberian Railway in Siberia in 1919 and early 1920.

In a Journal Gazette story about his retirement, he mentioned that the meals became all the time good in Siberia except on Thanksgiving Day 1919 – since the food didn’t arrive. When his unit again from patrol obligation, they discovered the mess had as a substitute prepared bear steaks. But, he stated, no person could consume after they found out the enterprise’s pet bear had disappeared.

Tyree’s profession later took him to the Philippines and Germany earlier than he separated from the provider as a lieutenant and reenlisted for recruiting obligation as a master sergeant and become assigned to fort Wayne in 1948.

“Workman Snatched From dying As Trench Caves In” by way of Kenneth B. Keller (Sept. 25, 1949)

William Schlientz, 38, lived a year in 15 minutes the previous day all over his rescue from a sewer excavation which just about grew to become his grave.

Schlientz, of R. R. 1, New Haven, and a fellow employee, woodland Vise, had been getting ready to shore up a 9-foot trench on the south facet of the new Macedonian undertaking hall, Warsaw and Agnes Streets, about 2:30 p.M., when a 1,000 pound chunk of wet earth tumbled upon them. Schlientz changed into buried to the chest but Vise escaped the avalanche and scrambled out of the hole to summon help.

the use of a bit of bushes as a lever, Vise moved the earth about two inches far from Schlientz’s chest so he could breathe. The palm of Schlientz’s correct hand turned into cut to the bone by using a splinter and his left hand became twisted lower back under an armpit by way of the burden of earth.

“every thing blacked out for just a few seconds,” Schlientz spoke of, “then I regarded up to see extra cracks creeping down the aspect of the trench that had fallen. I assumed i might be buried alive any minute. It became a yr earlier than they bought me out.”

a fire department rescue unit arrived at the scene immediately. In a few minutes Battalion Capt. William L. Shipley and a crew of firemen begun digging the heavy dirt from about Schlientz’s body and shoring it up with the timbers already brought there.

“That wall seemed as strong as concrete,” Schlientz defined, however we had been installing cribbing, anyway, as a precaution when the aspect of the ditch gave means.” the ditch had been dug at the west conclusion of the building, hidden from the road through weeds and the particles of construction.

Chow Chow Christmas Gift Acrylic Ornament
Chow Chow Christmas Gift Acrylic Ornament

As sweating firemen utilized their shovels within a couple of inches of the imprisoned man’s physique, police have been hard pressed to preserve back the curious.

finally, his arms were freed and then he could move his left leg. Whereas his correct leg nonetheless was firmly caught, Schlientz twisted his blanched face away from the side of the ditch which nonetheless threatened to topple into the excavation.

the entire whereas he gave whispered guidance to firemen on the place to use their shovels. Abruptly, he gave his appropriate leg a delicate twist and started squirming out of the lethal cocoon his body had fashioned within the earth.

Two firemen grabbed Schlientz under the palms and lifted him to the edge of the gap. The rescued man gulped a deep breath and remarked quietly. “God, that turned into an in depth one.”

Schlientz bent his knee frivolously a few instances and determined he wasn’t hurt. Despite the fact, he confirmed signs of fall down and turned into taken to the Methodist sanatorium by means of police.

Police Surgeon William J. Gerding talked about Schlientz suffered handiest cuts on the hand and one arm, and chest bruises. He become discharged from the sanatorium after an examination.

“it’s the closest I ever hope to return to it.” Schlientz grinned weakly and puffed deeply on a cigarette.

“they’re HOPING FOR EARLY SANTA” (Sept. 25, 1949)

Three letters to Santa Claus from the tiny set already have been bought by means of Harold Wells, lifeless letter clerk at the citadel Wayne submit office.

“here is in regards to the earliest I’ve ever viewed them come in,” Mr. Wells said.

One tot’s message changed into addressed to “Santa, North Pole, Arctic Zone, but the younger sender forgot the stamp. A different of the three asked St. Nick to delight bring a pair of cowboy boots come Christmas. He drew an image of the type he desired.

“Turtle noticed, Harris reports” (Sept. 26, 1949)

That lengthy-awaited assembly between Gale Harris and his famed Fulk Lake turtle may additionally take area this afternoon, Harris spoke of ultimate nighttime

The water part become slowly going down as pumps sucked the water out of the lake.

“The water is fairly shallow in all places the lake now, and we believe we are going to be capable of get him sometime Monday, if individuals will stay away.”

Harris spoke of he postponed an try to get the turtle the previous day, too many people showed up.

Chow Chow Christmas Gift Acrylic Ornament
Chow Chow Christmas Gift Acrylic Ornament


A $3,000,000 bond issuance to finance the cost of the Allen County conflict Memorial fee has been permitted by the State Tax Board, Auditor Fred C. Wissman stated last night at a joint assembly of the coliseum trustees, county commissioners and A.M. Strauss, architect, on the inn Van Orman.

The approval by way of the state board is the last hurdle preparatory to advertising for the sale of the bonds, Wissman referred to.

Parking issues and roads resulting in the coliseum grounds from main highways have been mentioned final nighttime. The trustees voted to use blacktop for the exits and entrance to the coliseum in preference to concrete. The trustees additionally accredited permanent car parking areas to accommodate 2,000 cars with an emergency parking box for an additional 1,000 automobiles.

an extra assembly to talk about lighting and other details of the coliseum has been scheduled for five:30 p.M., Monday on the inn Van Orman.

The task of checking out measuring meters on the entire gas oil and gasoline trucks within the city turned into begun the day past by way of James Hilgemann, city weights and measures inspector, and a consultant from the State Weights and Measures branch.

it’s the first time in a number of years that the assessments were made right here. After the first day of checking, Hilgemann and Ray Burns, the state inspector, noted they found that about eighty per cent of the trucking measuring meters were correct. The remainder have been off most effective just a few degrees.

Burns will continue to be right here along with his 50-gallon portable checking out unit via Friday. This could permit the oil businesses who have faulty meters on their vehicles to have them repaired and re-established and authorized earlier than he leaves.

Chow Chow Christmas Gift Acrylic Ornament
Chow Chow Christmas Gift Acrylic Ornament

The trying out operation is essential and requires most effective a few minutes. The checking out computing device is nothing more than a 50-gallon disc-shaped barrel. When a truck meter is proven, the truck operator pumps fuel into the barrel unless the truck meter registers 50 gallons. The correctness of the meter is checked through a cautious calibrated measuring equipment on the barrel. After the determine has been accomplished, the gasoline oil is pumped out of the barrel and lower back into the truck.

Hilgemann and Burns referred to that state law permits tolerance of either plus or minus 50 cubic inches for 50 gallons or one cubic inch per gallon pumped by way of the truck meter. There are 231 cubic inches in a gallon.

If the truck meter registers extra or lower than the allowed tolerance, it’s condemned and the gasoline company requested to have the meter repaired, then re-established.

“Pedestrian Fines Set At 50 Cents until Jan. 1; Parking Stickers $1” (Sept. 28, 1949)

a new agenda of traffic fines, which raises the parking ticket first-rate from 50 cents to $1, and sets the pedestrian fine at 50 cents unless January 1, was accredited by using the city Council final night. The brand new schedule changed into included in an ordinance that amended a old measure added August 23.

beneath the brand new measure, pedestrians should be given an opportunity to get familiar with the new pedestrian control ordinance until January 1 when the best for violation will go up to $1.

The motion with the aid of the Council became, in impact, a downward adjustment of all traffic fines paid on the cafeteria court installation with the aid of the ordinance. Originally, the ordinance provided that parking violators could be fined $1 for the first and second violation, and $2 for the third offense. The amended ordinance set a straight first-class of $1 for parking offenses and disbursed with graduating fines for second and third offenses.

The final draft, which units fines for pedestrian offenses at 50 cents between October when the ordinance goes into impact, and January 1, when the fine goes up to $1 for each offense, is also a downward adjustment. In line with the normal measure, pedestrians would had been fined 50 cents for the first offense; $1 for the 2d offense; and $2 for the third offense.

The graduated fines for working violations additionally had been removed, up to now because the cafeteria court docket is worried, and a collection great of $2 for each violation was established. In response to the ordinance as first delivered, people that have been guilty of violations while their motor vehicle became in action would had been fined $2 for the primary offense, $three for the 2nd, and $5 for the third offense.


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