The Evolution Championship Series (EVO) has announced that a playable demo of Street Fighter 6 will feature at this year’s event in August.

Capcom’s latest entry in its venerable fighting game franchise will be fully playable at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas on August 5-7.

Capcom’s next evolution of the Street Fighter franchise – Street Fighter 6 – will join Evo’s event on August 5-7 in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino. Fans will have an amazing opportunity to experience a playable version in both the Capcom and Sony booths featuring Ryu, Chun-Li, Luke, and series newcomer Jamie. Capcom will also be sharing Street Fighter 6 announcements during Evo.

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Street Fighter 6 is currently in development for PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One, with a release date set for 2023. Capcom has revealed it will feature a World Tour mode that allows players to explore fully open areas including Metro City.

Rainbow Edition came out, the Taiwanese ROM upgrade with all the crazy fireballs in the air and the helicopter kicks working in the air — just everything broken. Super fast, super broken. We start hearing how these things are getting installed and operators are earning money off of them, but we’re not getting any of the action. So I go down to — I don’t know, Galaxy Arcade? I think it was in San Jose. I go and I take a look at this Rainbow Edition and I spend a good four hours playing it, looking at it and going, “Man, this is just garbage.” On one hand, it’s kind of like, “Woo — look at these crazy-ass fireballs in the air.” And on the other hand, it’s just like, “But it’s so unbalanced.” …

I come back, and I spend the next few hours writing [a letter] to Japan saying Rainbow Edition is utter shit, utter garbage, there is no threat here, it is completely unbalanced and it’s a fad. Because as a player, emotionally, that’s how I felt. However, before I sent that fax off, I went into the cafeteria to play Champ Edition …

I sit down to play [against my coworker Joel Pambid], and the weirdest thing happens. He picks Guile; I pick Zangief. I go to play, and oh my God, the game felt like it was underwater. … I had just spent the last four to six hours playing Rainbow Edition at 25 percent speed increase, so Champ Edition felt like shit. It was so slow. For the next two hours, I could not shake that. And it threw my timing off. … It was just kind of this oh my God moment where I went, “The real threat of Rainbow Edition is not all the fireballs in the air and the craziness. The threat is the speed is addicting, and it changes everything.”

So I scrapped my report. I was there until three in the morning writing what my initial takeaway was, and then how much my motor skills were affected in just four to six hours of playing. … I got the fax out saying, “Look, we need to do our own ROM upgrade to compete against these guys. We can kill them if it’s balanced — it’s spectacular but it’s balanced. We can absolutely kill these illegals, but it has to be competitively priced, and it has to be just balanced to the next level. We have tons of feedback of what’s wrong with Champ Edition on a tournament level. We could put in a bunch of stuff. It’d be awesome.”