Forza Azzurri Italia Logo Soccer Team Shirt

Forza Azzurri Italia Logo Soccer Team Shirt

Forza Azzurri Italia Logo Soccer Team Shirt


Forza Azzurri Italia Logo Soccer Team Shirt
Forza Azzurri Italia Logo Soccer Team Shirt
The shirt is so new that it’s still in the package. The fabric feels stiff and the colors are bright. I can’t wait to wear my Forza Azzurri Italia Logo Soccer Team Shirt on game day, but first I have to get out of this room with all these people taking pictures for their social media accounts.
An hour later, after shattering several records on Instagram, I’m finally outside of the store with my team jersey tucked under one arm and a box containing my new football cleats sticking out from underneath my other arm.
As soon as I saw the shirt, I knew it was perfect. The forza azzurri is emblazoned on the front and the back with an italicized font. It’s like they knew me!
“Hey, I’m Alessandro,” said the shirtless man in a black and white striped jersey from head to toe. “I am so sorry for being so bold with you when I spied on your conversation with your friend.”
The girl blushed in embarrassment as she tugged at the hem of her crimson dress that was just above her knees. She wore a yellow shawl around her shoulders in order to fight off the chill of an autumn evening drifting into winter time. Her hair was brown and wavy with golden highlights streaking through it, surrounding a heart shaped face.
“It’s alright,” she said shyly looking down again before meeting his gaze once more. “Um, my name is Lucia.”

Forza Azzurri Italia Logo Soccer Team Shirt


Forza Azzurri Italia Logo Soccer Team Shirt
Forza Azzurri Italia Logo Soccer Team Shirt

I was sitting in class, half-listening to the teacher ramble on. I glanced at my phone and saw that it said “3:00” with a little soccer ball icon next to it. It clicked then, that I had told myself for years now that when it hit 3pm, after school let out, I would go downstairs and grab some of Dad’s iced tea before heading home.
The bell rang so loud it startled me from my thoughts. The teacher looked up at me before finishing his sentence – which he probably hadn’t even finished itself because he was staring at me like an idiot – and said “Class is over for today guys! Have an excellent weekend!”
I quickly

“How does this shirt make me look?” I asked my friend as he examined the design on the front of it, “It looks like you’re a real fan.” He replied with a smile. I smiled back and put it away. The next day at school, everyone was wearing their school colors and being loud about who won or lost that week’s game. Feeling left out because no one knew what team I supported, I went to buy a soccer jersey but didn’t know which one to get.

The team was all huddled up for a morning practice, but Coach had already given them the day off. “You guys deserve it,” he said to the group of tired teens before leaving.
On their way back to town, one of the players suggested they stop at the mall to buy some new shirts. They walked into Sporty’s and saw banners hanging from every corner screaming “50% Off!”
The soccer team couldn’t resist getting some new gear for themselves so they started browsing through racks of clothes until one player found this shirt that read Forza Azzurri Italia in bold letters and in Italy’s national colors: blue and white.

The team at Forza Azzurri Italia has been working hard to put together an amazing logo for their newly formed soccer club. They’ve finally finished, and now they need to get it printed on t-shirts before the big game this Saturday!
Luckily, there is a print shop right down the street that can accommodate them with any quantity of shirts they might need.
Forza Azzurri Italia pulls up in front of their new house’s printer just as the sun begins to set over the horizon. The five men pile out of their car and head into the store with much excitement about what tomorrow will bring.

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Forza Azzurri Italia Logo Soccer Team Shirt


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