Goat in Hawaiian Shirt

Goat in Hawaiian Shirt


Goat in Hawaiian Shirt
Goat in Hawaiian Shirt


Jolene’s chances of survival were slim (Picture: North News Media)

When Jolene, an adorable albino wallaby, was rejected by her mother at three months old, her chances of survival were ‘slim’.

But, after being hand-reared on goat’s milk and nursed in farm worker Heather Hogarty’s makeshift pouch, she’s now a healthy six-month-old.

‘She was thrown out of the pouch by her mother at about three months old,’ says Heather, a manager at Whitehouse Farm in Northumberland – where the joey was born.

‘Normally they don’t start coming out until they’re about six months, so we tried to put her back but she wouldn’t accept her back.’

The ‘lovely’ wallaby is being bottle-fed ‘life-saving’ goat’s milk (Picture: North News Media)

Heather believes Jolene’s mum may have become frightened and jumped – causing the little wallaby to fall out.

‘It’s not very common for this to happen,’ Heather adds.

‘But even if the babies have been out of the pouch for an hour, the mothers can be funny about having them back.’

Heather decided to take Jolene’s life into her own hands, creating a pouch out of her shirt and bottle-feeding the wallaby with goat’s milk.

‘For a month or so I used to take her home every night and she would have feeds during the night,’ says Heather.

Heather kept the joey in her make-shift pouch (Picture: North News Media)

She adds: ‘We’ve been looking after and rearing her ourselves.

‘We were fortunate at the time that all of our goats were kidding – so we could feed her on their milk.’

According to Heather, goat’s milk has all the nutrients a baby wallaby needs, and that it probably ‘saved her life.’

While Jolene is still on a bottle, she’s also eating other foods – and is now thriving.

‘She’s also got a little wallaby friend at the moment and we hope to get her back with the others before long,’ says Heather. ‘She’s lovely.’

Jolene is now thriving and mixing with other wallabies on the farm (Picture: North News Media)


Goat in Hawaiian Shirt
Goat in Hawaiian Shirt

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