Goldden Halloween Hawaiian Shirt

Goldden Halloween Hawaiian Shirt

Goldden Halloween Hawaiian Shirt

Goldden Halloween Hawaiian Shirt
Goldden Halloween Hawaiian Shirt


Jul. 22—RiverPark Center’s 21-and-up summer entertainment series DownTown Live will have a “Hawaiian Night” theme for its 10th week, starting at 6 p.M. Today, July 22.

Sponsored by Gateway Urgent Care, Grae Greer, director of marketing at the RiverPark Center, hopes to see patrons come out in their festive attire to celebrate the occasion.

“We are definitely encouraging folks to wear your best Hawaiian shirt, throw on a lei and maybe even a grass skirt,” she said.

“Gateway will be giving out leis if you don’t have one in your closet.”

“We’re bringing the beach to you with decorations, tropical drinks and ‘olelo nane riddles at the Gateway table, with giveaway prizes and more.”

Silent Disco will make its return to the Jody Berry Theatre, along with the Community Jukebox initiative, corn hole and music by DJ2Smuve holding down the Truist Plaza.

Photo booth opportunities will be available in the lobby.

Local rock and roll trio Nick Cheek & The Golden Hour — a band of seasoned musicians that recently formed as a group — is the featured entertainment from 7-9 p.M. On the Atmos Courtyard stage.

“Nick Cheek & The Golden Hour are relatively new to the entertainment community, but that doesn’t mean they don’t already have a following,” Greer said. “We haven’t had many ‘rock’ groups this season, and I’m ready to tap into that more.

“I’m a massive fan of (drummer) Logan Howard and (bass player) Aaron Ray and can’t wait to see what Nick Cheek brings to the Atmos Courtyard.”

Cheek is looking forward to playing at the new event and has been happy with the growing success the band has received in such a short time.

“It feels great,” he said. “We’re super happy that they considered us and with us being a new band; a lot of people didn’t know what we were about, and so it was really cool for them to take a chance on us. …We’re happy to be doing it.”

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“RiverPark Center has always been a central hub for new and budding performers.

From actors, to technicians, to dancers, to musicians — RiverPark Center has a way of giving folks a platform to jump off from and excel,” Greer said. “Although Nick Cheek & The Golden Hour is already growing, we hope to give them another platform to be seen and heard.”

Cheek thinks the event benefits the local entertainment scene.

“I think Owensboro needs more entertainment options and more diversity,” he said.

For the group’s set, Cheek and company will be playing all original material along with one cover — all rooted in rock and roll with a hint of their own individuality.

“We know one cover through the whole collective,” Cheek laughed. ‘It’s not that we will never do covers; we just don’t want to be known as that. We want to do our own thing.

“It’s going to be our music, our sound.”

Cheek said the audience can expect a “high energy” show that allows each band member to shine with subtle homages to “classic influences” such as Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin.

“In our approach to music, we’re kind of a throwback to old school rock-and-roll,” he said. “We just kind of turn up the amps and go, you know? (There’s) a lot of cool guitar stuff, a lot of cool drum stuff, a lot of cool bass stuff in these songs.”

Cheek hopes that people will leave satisfied.

“Our biggest hope in any show is that people (are) seeing we’re trying to be a great band and write great songs that (they) can get into,” he said. “…We’re really trying to make good music that people want to hear; and even if they haven’t heard us before, we’re hoping to bridge that gap since we are doing original stuff.

“We just want to be known for making great music, making great songs and putting on a good show.”

For more information, visit riverparkcenter.Org/downtownlive or facebook.Com/RiverParkCenter.


Goldden Halloween Hawaiian Shirt
Goldden Halloween Hawaiian Shirt

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