I Wish You A Merry Christmas Ugly Christmas Sweater

I Wish You A Merry Christmas Ugly Christmas Sweater

I Wish You A Merry Christmas Ugly Christmas Sweater


I Wish You A Merry Christmas Ugly Christmas Sweater
I Wish You A Merry Christmas Ugly Christmas Sweater
“Merry Christmas, Ugly Sweater!”
A giant rat, the size of a house cat, greeted me with that phrase as I unwrapped an “Ugly Christmas Sweater” from it. It was like what you would find at your local thrift shop – ugly and unwanted.
It’s Christmas Eve and the town of Atenville has grown quiet. All is calm until a mailman drives his truck down Main Street, blasting Christmas carols out his window! The townsfolk huddle together to avoid the sound as he passes. But it wasn’t long before they heard him coming back – this time singing “Sleigh Ride” at full blast! One by one, they all got up from their hiding places and began to yell things like “TURN IT DOWN!” or “SHUT UP!”. Soon enough, while yelling in protest, a group of kids ran towards him while giving chase. They finally caught up to him and slammed his door shut with force. He then turned off the music and said that he
The holidays are always so much fun when you get to spend time with family, friends, and loved ones. It was Christmas Eve and everyone in the neighborhood had their houses decorated with lights shining brightly through the windows. There were many different kinds of trees that stood proudly outside people’s homes. The smell of fresh pine hung in the air like a warm blanket on a cold day. You could hear children laughing, running around outside playing tag or building snowmen; it was quite picturesque really. I walked up my steps to my front door remembering how long ago today felt like when I was younger about this time of year…
I opened the door to find an ugly holiday sweater laying across the living room floor just waiting for me to

I Wish You A Merry Christmas Ugly Christmas Sweater

I Wish You A Merry Christmas Ugly Christmas Sweater
I Wish You A Merry Christmas Ugly Christmas Sweater

Every year, my sister would make me buy an ugly Christmas sweater for the family tradition of opening gifts on Christmas Eve. I always did what she said because she was six years older than me and it usually paid off. We all had a good laugh with the results of the latest batch of sweaters that we had just opened. They were great, but then it happened again… “Hey! Do your job!” Brenda yelled at me from across the room, catching my eye as soon as she saw me looking around without doing anything to help her. “I knew you weren’t going to be any help this year!” At least I got something out of this deal – new memories for us to look back on when we’re old and boring

Logan stood in front of the tree with a big smile on his face. He couldn’t believe he had made it all the way to Christmas Eve and still didn’t have an ugly sweater for him, Mike, and their parents to wear tomorrow. It was tradition at their family dinner that they wear something ridiculous on Christmas day, but Logan had been too busy with finals this week to get anything together.
He looked through various stores online before eventually finding a store that would deliver right away. The cost wasn’t going to be cheap – but hey, what price could you put on family traditions?
Wearing an ugly Christmas sweater shouldn’t be a crime, but it was in Punxsutawney.
I had been wearing my sweater for weeks and no one noticed or cared at all besides me. I was the only person who thought the sweaters were cool and fun to wear because they’re so weird and different from anything anyone else would choose to put on their body. For some reason we’re supposed to dress up nice and “normal,” while these things that would get people laughed at if they wore them anywhere else are okay just because it’s December? What makes this month special? Why can’t people do whatever they want year-round without judgment, like adults should be able to do?
The whole town is obsessed
It’s the day before Christmas and I’m in a panic. All of my friends are coming over tomorrow to celebrate, but I don’t have anything to wear. As if on cue, she appears; the woman with the red-lipstick smeared face who had been begging for change outside of Starbucks all week long. She looked like she was about to collapse so I approached her cautiously, not wanting to frighten her more than she already was.
“Hey there!” I said softly as I reached out my hand towards her shoulder gently. “What’s your name?” The girl turned around slowly and just stared at me for what felt like hours before opening her mouth, letting out a small gasp of breath that made it sound

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