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Hermès Mens Spring-Summer 2022: The Optimistic and Minimalist Spirit of Gentlemen

Bringing depth and creativity, the Menswear Hermès Spring-Summer 2022 collection represents a breath of fresh air, a free spirit, optimistic energy with sophisticated designs, and an excellent color gamut for Spring-Summer. On June 26, 2021, the Menswear Hermès Spring-Summer 2022 collection was officially held at France’s Paris Mobilier National building. This is also an emotional […]

Sandals and trendy outfit suggestions

Once rejected by fans for a long time (the 90s-2000s), today’s sandals return with a “makeover” in design in addition to the fantastic feature for the summer. Along with dynamic outfits, sandals are a must-have item for those who want to “free” their feet from the clutter! Also, because of the liberal and comfortable nature, […]