Reddit Soccer Tropical Hibiscus Hawaiian Shirt

Reddit Soccer Tropical Hibiscus Hawaiian Shirt

Reddit Soccer Tropical Hibiscus Hawaiian Shirt

The Hawaiian Shirt is a perfect option for any occasion. Wear it to the beach, out on your day-to—it’s versatile and fun! The colorful pattern will put you in good spirits no matter what kind of moody weather we’re having that particular season; plus this attire isn’t just great with guys but also girls who want some extra flair 

Reddit Soccer Tropical Hibiscus Hawaiian Shirt
Reddit Soccer Tropical Hibiscus Hawaiian Shirt


‘red flag’ Love Island fans beg producers to step in as Islander calls Jacques ‘terrifying’

However, others defended the TV star’s makeover, as one wrote: “Ok I actually don’t hate the hair. The longer hair usually looked unkept.

“But it really makes the beard stand out. Didn’t he have a buzz cut when he played soccer? Maybe trying to relive those glory days.”

Another added: “Unpopular opinion I’m sure but I think this is the best he has looked. I like the shorter hair on him. I think he looks less dorky that way. Not my type of man but still it’s his best look.”

The changeup seemed to be a recent decision, as just weeks earlier, Jeremy and Jinger attended a wedding where the former athlete posed for pics, still donning his full head of hair.


Some fans believe the couple is gearing up to return to reality TV.

Last month, Jinger posted a photo of her and her husband when fans thought they spotted a microphone on the TLC alum’s shirt.

“Definitely looks like one!” one fan wrote.

“It’s a mic— it’s probably for filming something,” chimed in another Reddit user.

“There’s definitely a mic clipped to her shirt,” commented a third.

“I noticed that too! Definitely a mic,” said one user.

A few fans weren’t convinced and said it looked like a cross-body bag.

Another fan chimed in with some important information, “She is [wearing a mic].

“Jeremy gave a vague emoji response to someone who asked on his page. How influencer of them ‘I’ve got a super-secret project coming up I can’t tell you about!'”

One social media user stood by the theory that the couple has a new show, saying: “It’s realllllllly making me wonder if there’s a spin-off in the works at TLC (or elsewhere) with the Vuolos.”


They continued: “That they’re not acknowledging the mic at all and that she was in at least two pictures out in LA with the mic on makes me think that this is definitely filming for something.”

The fan said that if that was the case, it was weird that Jeremy wasn’t wearing a microphone.

Counting On, the follow-up show to 19 Kids And Counting, aired for six years.

TLC announced in June 2021 that the show would not be returning.

The cancelation came after the eldest Duggar sibling, Josh, 34, was arrested on child pornography charges.

CAST CHAOS The View host Whoopi shades co-hosts in awkward moment with Sara on live show

The father of seven recently began his 12-year prison sentence for the crimes.

Jeremy has admitted he hoped for longer sentencing.

Jeremy Vuolo typically sports a short hairdo with minor facial hairCredit: Instagram/jingervuolo

Fans think that the pair is returning to reality TV with their own showCredit: Instagram/Jinger Duggar

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo previously appeared on 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On before the shows’ cancellationsCredit: Instagram/Jeremy Vuolo

Reddit Soccer Tropical Hibiscus Hawaiian Shirt
Reddit Soccer Tropical Hibiscus Hawaiian Shirt

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