Sandals and trendy outfit suggestions

Sandals and trendy outfit suggestions

Once rejected by fans for a long time (the 90s-2000s), today’s sandals return with a “makeover” in design in addition to the fantastic feature for the summer. Along with dynamic outfits, sandals are a must-have item for those who want to “free” their feet from the clutter!

Also, because of the liberal and comfortable nature, sandals were once considered “inferior.” However, this versatile item allows the wearer to be creative in many different outfits (smart-casual, casual, streetwear). In this article, Alishirts will explore with readers about sandals and summer adventures from this item.

Three basic types of sandals


Sandals and trendy outfit suggestions

People often misunderstand this as a style of sandals, but actually, slide-on is in the sandal family, which is the most widely used style. With the usual material of rubber (there are other materials but not as popular), the slide-on is the perfect choice for summer feet because of its excellent water resistance and, at the same time, a comfortable feel. Cool, comfortable for the wearer.

Birkenstocks sandals

Sandals and trendy outfit suggestions


Birkenstocks sandals also bring an elegant breath with minimalist details and harmonious colors. This shoe style is suitable for casual and smart-casual types, can replace minimal sneakers or loafers when combined with chinos, slim-fit jeans with plain t-shirts, polo t-shirts, or shirts.

Fisherman style sandalsSandals and trendy outfit suggestions

Fisherman shoes are usually made from leather. This is the highest tier in the sandal family for summer mixes (even smart-casual or with a suit) when flip-flops aren’t enough. Dress shoes are too formal.

Daily casual style (daily)

Sandals and trendy outfit suggestions

Under the sweltering, hot summer weather, sandals are considered an ideal piece to help stylish guys complete a simple but impressive outfit. Whether it’s a walk in the street or a leisurely afternoon coffee with brothers, sandals always make you feel comfortable and confident because of their excellent ventilation and sweat-reducing features.

If your walk needs a lot of activity, slide sandals with shorts and a T-shirt will be an ideal mix. On the contrary, if you have to appear in a little more special meeting, you should balance between liberal and neat elements to ensure the image fits but also does not lose the feeling of confidence and comfort. . Then, the combination of a shirt and sandals will be an optimal solution!

“Dress-up” with sandals

Sandals and trendy outfit suggestions

Stay away from the liberal mixes between sandals and shorts or t-shirts, but try to refresh yourself in styles of pants and more trendy tops. To transform into romantic and polite boys, you should choose for yourself loose-fit or straight-fit pants designs, combined with Birkenstocks sandals and T-shirts or shirts, which can create points. pressed with a few buttons that were left loose

 Raise the bar with Smart-casual

Sandals and trendy outfit suggestions

How will you change your outfit if you have to appear in a formal event in the hot summer weather? At first glance, this seems like it will be a complex problem, both formal and elegant, but it needs to be relaxed and light?

For special occasions, suits are always the first choice for gentlemen. But the traditional suits are too neat, easy to make the wearer uncomfortable. Therefore, you can choose suits in excellent and “less rigid” materials such as linen, cotton, or wrinkled fabric (seersucker)

And if suits are already a familiar formula for you, this outfit can still be replaced with shirts, t-shirts with unique patterns, and combined with men’s trousers. Finally, a pair of leather sandals in neutral colors will help you complete your outlook.