Shopping suggestion: Great loafers for summer 2021

Shopping suggestion: Great loafers for summer 2021

Slippers are always a “hot item” not only for summer but any weather of the year because of their flexibility and comfort. Therefore, it will be remiss if you lack the loafers in your wardrobe. Come with ELLE Man to shopping suggestions for these cool shoes of 2021!

Shopping suggestion: Great loafers for summer 2021

Slip-on shoes are the Vietnamese name we often refer to shoes with an excellent, comfortable design with the laces removed and worn in a slip-on/slip-on style such as boat shoes, moccasin, slip-on sneakers, loafers… Thanks to their convenience, courtesy, and ease of mixing with different outfits, they have become the choice for many people.

Before entering the main content, please visit the article on the classification of loafer styles and suggestions for coordination in the following link:

Shopping suggestion: Great loafers for summer 2021

Next, in this article, ELLE Man gives you shopping suggestions for loafer designs of notable international and domestic brands for Summer 2021.

Sneakers from ALDOAldo is an international mid-range brand that is quite familiar to many Vietnamese. Compared to the Zara of shoes and bags, Aldo always launches various models, from trendy shoes to classic models, at quite reasonable prices. Besides, with many preferential policies and discounts quite a lot during the year, Aldo is considered one of the great choices.

Aldo’s loafers are also very diverse in designs, materials, and colors, such as boat shoes, mocassin, to espadrilles… Aldo’s design brings youthfulness, dynamism, modernity but is still no less elegant. Card.

Looking at the boat shoe model Bohor above, we see that the upper part is made from canvas fabric mixed with smooth cow leather, creating a unique and modern look. Brown color and neutral design are suitable for customers from 25 to 40, even 50 years old. The right look to go with is casual with jeans and a t-shirt or smart-casual with brown/beige/gray chinos worn with a polo and blazer.

Another Aldo product in the family of loafers that ELLE Man wants to introduce is a mocassin shoe called Prypiaflex.

With the classic design of an “everyday shoe,” Prypiaflex is suitable for customers over 30 years old and offers comfort, convenience in movement, and daily use.

Shopping suggestion: Great loafers for summer 2021

Another familiar style of loafers for summer days that we cannot ignore, espadrilles (sedge soles). Aldo also released his product with Kirilenko’s design, canvas shoes featuring a soft sole made from sedge.

With a flexible and light design, this is a pretty popular shoe model among young fashionistas and is always the most popular name when the summer comes, especially in countries with hot climates like Vietnam. Male. Men can combine a youthful, trendy style with unique features with rolled-up khaki pants, trousers, and shorts with cotton or linen fabric to make the outfit more perfect.

Boat shoes by TIMBERLAND

Shopping suggestion: Great loafers for summer 2021

When it comes to Timberland, we all picture bunker boots for winter wear. But, they do more than that, and summer fashion is also a playground that they often participate in with boat shoes with fresh colors and a solid design, definitely characteristic.

The Atlantis Break Boat Shoe design is one of Timberland’s most popular and timeless designs with light and eye-catching colors. This classic beach shoe has a familiar design around the body with metal eyelets that both create accents and help cool sweat, bringing freshness to the user. The sole of the shoe is made from monolithic rubber, which helps to bring stability and softness to the foot and significantly increases the friction when moving (on the deck, because it is called boat shoes)…

Shopping suggestion: Great loafers for summer 2021

Another attractive loafer design from Timberland is the combination of the rubber sole of the Boat shoe and the familiar upper style of the Oxfords – Bradstreet Ultra Boat Oxford.

The highlight of the shoes is the sole called GreenStride, which is made of recycled natural materials to help protect the environment. Familiar masculine colors – navy blue with white – create a versatile item with many styles and color combinations on menswear. A shoe worth paying attention to!

Sneakers from VANS

Shopping suggestion: Great loafers for summer 2021

If you’re a fan of skateboard or streetwear, it’s clear that you can’t ignore Vans’ loafers, but Vans Slip On Checkerboard is probably one of the brand’s most bold designs.

Handy cordless design and super lightweight, match almost any casual, sportswear, streetwear or even smart-casual with black or gray blazer and suit, it’s the most versatile name second in the list of loafers ELLE Man.

With a simple slip-on design, how does Vans always make fashionistas sob? The answer is in the creativity in the graphic.

Benton’s loafers

Benton’s Canvas loafers are increasingly asserting their brand when launching the Graphics Slip-on version of the loafers. The compactness comes with a new and unique color that creates a sense of comfort that this shoe model has advantages. In addition, they also have outstanding durability, especially at a reasonable price, so Bentonmany men always choose Bentoni loafers to express their style.

Pursuing a minimalist design language, combining with deep material exploitation, Benton continues to launch the American Slip-on shoe with a 3-color strip of red – blue – white as a subtle highlight on the shoe body.

Just simple but still fashionable, you are not only very cool when wearing these shoes, but you can also coordinate the shoes with many different outfits (such as work clothes, party wear, or going out) and still look masculine.