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Scumbro style: The beauty of sloppy

Spontaneous and unconventional, the Scumbro style (also known as the “Bang Bang” style) is one of the typical representatives of the creative and unique spirit of the fashion world. Modern. So what’s so good about this casual and somewhat confusing dress popular with A-listers like Jonah Hill, A$AP Rocky, Shia LaBeouf, G-Dragon, or Justin Bieber? […]

The “Queen of Philippine entertainment” wears the design of a Vietnamese brand

The “Queen of Philippine entertainment” wears the design of a Vietnamese brand On Instagram on August 5, Heart Evangelista looked very attractive with an elegant, feminine but no less luxurious outfit. Through the status line of Filipino beauties, many fans observantly recognized the beautiful actress wearing a design from a Vietnamese brand. As a famous […]

Surprisingly, today’s hot items have all been worn by TVB beauties since the 80s

THAT DAY, the TVB actresses were very visionary, full of “trendsetter” names in the fashion world. Not only was it loved back then, but Hong Kong fashion items in the 80s are also trendy today. 1. Beret Beret (beret hat) is one of the boldest retro accessories. With a unique design, completely different from the […]

Four idols are likened to Disney princesses by changing their hair color: Rosé becomes Rapunzel in real life, Elsa is the prettiest to name a gen Z idol.

Just change the hair color, and the beauty of the Kpop idol association will improve. Kpop idols and princesses of the West? It sounds unrelated, but in fact, there are many similar cases, significantly when icons change their hair color to match the hair color of Disney princesses. If you are curious about idols’ identities, […]