Undead Rider Hawaiian Shirt

Undead Rider Hawaiian Shirt


Undead Rider Hawaiian Shirt
Undead Rider Hawaiian Shirt



Striders are the only passive mobs that spawn in the Nether dimension. They usually spawn in the Nether’s lava lakes and can walk on lava without taking any damage. Players can put a saddle on a strider to ride it. But they have to use a warped fungus on a stick to control the striders. You can use the warped fungus for breeding striders but keeping them away from water. They take damage from water and rain as well.


Even though there are no baby frogs in Minecraft, the tadpoles still exist. Like their real-world counterparts, they’re in the larval stage of frogs and can’t survive on land. They hatch out of frog spawn (eggs) and swim around aimlessly until they grow into frogs. You can put them in a water bucket or make them follow you using a slimeball.

Tropical Fish

Tropical fishes are the most common and most diverse aquatic mobs in Minecraft. The game has more than 2,700 naturally occurring variants of them. You can try finding them all in oceans, mangrove swamps, and the new lush cave biomes. You can find a group of up to 9 tropical fishes at once. They can’t be bred or tamed, but you can kill tropical fishes to get them as an edible item.


Tutltles, also known as “sea turtles” in the Bedrock edition, are commonly found in small groups of up to five mobs in beach biomes. But they don’t spawn on snowy or stony beaches. They can survive on both land and water. You can’t tame the turtles, but you can breed them with the help of seagrass.

After entering love mode, turtles lay eggs that later hatch into baby turtles. These baby turtles prefer water over land. And once they grow into adult turtles, they drop scutes, which you can use to craft turtle helmets and the Potion of Turtle Master. There is no other way to get these scutes in Minecraft.


Irrespective of your skillset in Minecraft, villagers can genuinely help you in almost every situation. They are friendly and can trade, breed, and interact with their kind. In a way, villagers are the smartest passive mobs in-game, and you can find them in the villages of Minecraft.

Then, to add variety to their existence, the game also features a unique job system exclusive to villagers. Based on the jobs of villagers, they can provide you with exclusive loot and exceptional trade deals.

Wandering Trader

The wandering traders have a unique spawn mechanic in the game. They are, in theory, like villagers, but you don’t have to go to villages to find them. Instead, these wandering traders naturally spawn within a 48-block radius of the player. They always generate with two leashed trader llamas.

You can trade with the wandering traders to get natural items like dies, saplings, and biome-based blocks. Even though most players don’t require their offered items, the wandering traders can still be helpful in certain situations.

Neutral Mobs

The neutral mobs are not directly hostile to the player. Instead, they attack the player if an attack or similar provocation mechanic provokes them. The only exception to this rule is the goats.


Bees are one of the cutest mobs in Minecraft. They are neutral and keep flying around their nests and beehives. Due to their flight, they are immune to all fall damage in the game. If you know how to make a bee farm in Minecraft, you can productively use them to collect honey and honeycomb.

As for the dangerous part, the bees become hostile if you attack a bee from the swarm or destroy their beehive. When they become aggressive, the bees attack the player in a swarm and give a poison effect to them. But sadly, once a bee successfully strikes with its stringer, it can’t survive and dies after a minute.


Spiders are neutral mobs in Minecraft that can climb on all solid blocks in the game. They are not hostile towards the players as long as the night level around them is 12 or higher. If the light level drops, the spiders become hostile and try to kill the players. You can find them in all biomes of the overworld expect the mushroom fields and the deep dark.

Cave Spider

As the name reveals, cave spiders are a variant of the regular spiders that only spawn in cave biomes. They don’t spawn naturally and can be solely spawned by the spawners of mineshafts. These cave spiders are smaller than the regular spiders but more dangerous. Each of their attacks leaves a poison effect on the player. Fortunately, they only become hostile if the light level drops below nine or it’s night outside.


Dolphins are aquatic mobs of Minecraft that only spawn in non-frozen oceans. Unlike other fishes, dolphins occasionally jump out of the water to get some air for survival. So, they can’t survive either inside or outside the water for too long without shuffling between them.

They are naturally friendly towards the players and even grant them a speed boost if swimming near them. You can even use them to find shipwrecks, buried treasures, and ocean ruins by feeding the dolphins raw cod or raw salmon. But if you accidentally attack a dolphin, its whole pod will come after you.


Giving a creative spin to the internet myth of Slenderman, Minecraft has its Enderman mob. It looks scary and can be found in all three dimensions in the game. Its main powers include teleportation and picking up random blocks. You can move around the Enderman without it attacking you at any time.

But things change if you attack the Enderman first or look into its eyes directly. Once triggered, the Enderman will try to hunt you. It can even dodge your arrows and melee attacks by teleportation. Fortunately, because Endermen are scared of water and too tall to fit into closed spaces, it becomes pretty easy to defeat them.


Goats are neutral mobs of Minecraft that are exclusive to the snowy slopes, frozen peaks, and jagged peaks biomes. They can jump high and take more minor fall damage. Just like the cows and Mooshrooms, you can use a bucket on them to collect milk. Goats don’t mind the presence of players and don’t even get triggered if you attack them.

But if you stay stationary for a few seconds, the goat will ram into you. If it hits you successfully, you will receive slight damage and be knocked back by nine blocks. Getting pushed for nine blocks from the top of high and narrow mountains is enough to kill you with fall damage. If they hit one of the few solid blocks, it can drop a goat horn in Minecraft, the game’s first musical instrument.

Iron Golem

Iron Golems are one of the largest mobs in Minecraft. They naturally spawn around villagers and can also be created manually using blocks of iron and carved pumpkins, jack o’lanterns, or pumpkins. Natural or not, all Iron Golems are hostile towards the hostile mobs in Minecraft. They are immune to fall damage and drowning.



Undead Rider Hawaiian Shirt
Undead Rider Hawaiian Shirt

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